“Loved your talk at the Leadership Team meeting – it was really engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat!”

Lisa Giles, Pearson PLC


“I loved your presentation, it was empowering and very motivational and exposed us to the wider global changes to businesses and greater skills needed to enhance our careers.”

Norma Mathala, UK Schools, Pearson UK


“Your enthusiastic presentation inspired the team’s thinking, challenged their assumptions and has served as a reference point throughout today.”

Steve Gates, CEO, The Gap Partnership


“Amazing contribution.”

Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO CCA at CCA Conference 2016


“Wow. Lots to think about. Brill presentation.”

Karen Wilson at the CCA Conference 2016


“Great presentation again from @mattpoy.”

Darren Charles at the CCA Conference 2016


“@mattpoy talk a real highlight #foodforthought.”

Chris Ritchie at the CCA Conference 2016


“Great session.”

Capita Customer Management at the CCA Conference 2016


“The content was relevant, the format visually appealing and the use of examples, video and photographs brought the presentation to life and engaged the audience. Great job.”

David Marshall, General Manager – EMEA


“The presentation was scarily good.”

Catharina Mabon Tomic, Managing Director Pearson Sweden


“Matthew’s presentation was a show stopper in terms of demonstrating to his audience the power of modern technology and just how it is changing how both the workplace do their work and schools teach our kids.”

Paula Chadwick, European Personnel Selection Office


“Thank you for making our team meeting a success with your extremely Inspiring and thought-provoking presentation. Feedback from attendees was fantastic, leaving them motivated and inspired to creatively drive our business forward.”

Andy Kyriacou, ITV


“Wow…what a presentation! The comments we had from so many people were that your presentation was “exciting, relevant and brilliantly delivered”.

Simon Perriton, CEO, JustIT


“I thought your presentation was most interesting and thought-provoking which is why I chose you to be one of the speakers that I wanted to know more about afterwards.”

Lance Haggith, BBC Sports Personality of the Year ‘Unsung Hero’, Sports Traider


“Probably my favourite presentation of the year from @mattpoy.”

Ed Munk, Managing Director, Learning & Performance Institute


“We asked Matthew to give a presentation at our European Service Manger Conference not knowing that we will experience one of the most interesting and entertaining performances we ever had – now I am the hero in my company!”

Dr Karen Birkmann, Kyocera Mita Europe


“That was the most mind expanding forty or so minutes I have had in a long time. The presentation dovetailed perfectly with our conference theme and the level at which you pitched it to cater for all ‘techno’ competencies was excellent.”

Peter Foulds, NFU Mutual


“Amongst the top presentations I saw.”

Gerry Skipwith, Vice President Services, Compugen Canada


“Informative, disruptive and simultaneously terrifying and inspiring, Matthew’s presentation was only one I have seen to truly convey the extent to which social media is changing brand engagement in the world we live in. That was my 12th CRN Business Club and that was certainly my favourite presentation. Excellent.”

Alan Loader, Publisher, CRN magazine


“People who are entertained are people who are engaged. People who are entertained and engaged are getting your message and will remember more of your content. They will also want to see you again. I haven’t seen a better presentation.”

Mike Housley, CEO, Cyance Limited



“Many thanks to @mattpoy for superb keynote at the Fellows Symposium.”

Don Taylor, Chair, Fellows Symposium, LPI



“Matthew, your presentation was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Martin Lattman, President, QRG


“Remarkable. Thought-provoking.”

Linda Cole, RemyIT


“F****** Awesome.”

Glen Robertson, President, Service800


“One of the best presentations I have seen in a while from @mattpoy.”

Richard Tubb, Netlink


“Wow! What a great presentation.”

Ben Warren, RiskDisk


“Hand on heart this was one of the most interesting and inspiring thirty minutes I’ve had the pleasure to sit through in some time.”

Andy Parkes, IBIT Solutions


“Not only was the content relevant, up-to-date and fascinating, but Matthew was a naturally engaging and humorous speaker.”

e-skills UK


“Soaking up every minute in relevant, punchy facts and anecdotes, Matthew\’s energising style makes one want to go out and embrace opportunities and make that change today.”

Humeera Khan, Microsoft


“Your presentation pulled me out from the sponsors display area and held my interest totally. You have an ability to hold an old technophobes attention!”

Chris Davenport, Tadley Services Group


“Energetic, insightful and profoundly thought provoking – I am very glad I got to see Matthew\’s presentation. Some of the images and ideas will stay with me for years.”

Tim Langford, Dynmark


“His style of presenting, the visuals he uses, the examples he puts right in front of us really hit home. I highly recommend having Matthew as a speaker at one of your events, especially when it is focuses around technology impacting the lives of all citizens.”

Anneleen Vaandrager, Microsoft


“I was fascinated by your vision of our future and your style of delivery was compulsive listening.”

Dave Walsh, British Telecom


“Our post-event research shows our delegates thought he was a brilliant speaker and the highlight of the day. Matthew tuned his fascinating talk to make it relevant and meaningful to our audience, and he will inject energy and enthusiasm into any business event.”

Gary Morgan, Prosys Computing


“What a fantastic and inspiring presentation. I am convinced that investing in new technologies is the way forward for the new generation of young people in our schools.”

Judith Bond, PEMBEC


“Matthew’s presentation made attending the CRN conference worthwhile.”

Andy Chandler, The Tech Consultancy


“Your presentation was so interesting, I was captivated. Never before has someone allowed me to explore the realm of technological possibilities as your presentation has.”

Chantelle Whitehouse, Dynamix Learning Solutions


“I really enjoyed your presentation…very smooth and fast tempo with some very engaging content.”

Mark Burton, CRN


“A thought-provoking, stimulating and vibrant session from a presenter who really knows his stuff.”

Adrian Logan, Siemens


“Your presentation was pure joy. You manage to leave your audience feeling ready for and excited by the technological world, not intimidated by it.”

Simon Banks, OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations)


“I wanted to say thank you once again for a fascinating speech. The facts and figures you gave were mind-blowing and highly inspirational for our Apprentices.”

Lucy Warren, O2


“I was captivated by your presentation. The delivery & content was superb.”

Cameron Walker, Aberdeen College


“We were astonished with the facts that you presented here and enjoyed your amazing presentation.”

Norbert Wolter, Kyocera Mita Europe


“I personally found it very entertaining and thought provoking. It was exactly what we needed to prompt a new way of thinking within our team of managers and coaches.”

Jerry Comber, British Telecom


“Thank you @mattpoy for a really insightful presentation for the BT Apprentice Team this week. So much to think about and so much to do!”

Tiffany Harrison, British Telecom


“Extremely thought-provoking, edgy and inspiring presentation.”

Maria Frantzeskaki, Group HR Business Partner, Achilles Information


“Matthew’s presentation was fascinating not only was it an excellent precis of current thinking but also contained a veritable chocolate box assortment of memorable bite-sized pieces for future use presented with considerable wit and understanding to a diverse audience of experienced e-learning practitioners as well as newbies to the industry.”

Rebecca Tregarthen,, Rejoove
“The presentation was energetic and insightful, and acts as an excellent call to action for all of us to re-think how we do business now and in the future.”

Matthew Burrows, President of the Institute of IT Service Management


“An inspirational insight into what modern technology can really do for business.”

Carolyn O’Donnell, CEO, DevelopEBP


“I found your presentation fascinating and totally engaging! It has inspired me to change the way in which I promote my company.”

Emma Bowman Smith, Managing Director, XPSL


“I very much enjoyed your presentation today. It was by far the best social media overview I have seen on the topic.”

Mike Harvath, President and CEO, Revenue Rocket Consulting Group


“Thank you for an EXCELLENT presentation today on the importance of social media! You have really captured the importance of making social media a key part of any business in the 21st century.”

John Magnusson, National Account Manager, Verio, Inc. an NTT Communications Company


“Matthew offered a fantastic perspective on the future as he opened my eyes to the reality of the speed of change and the need to embrace it rather than trying to hold on to what is comfortable.”

Arlin Sorensen, CEO, Heartland Technology Solutions
“Your presentation on social networking was one of the best I have heard and that has been many!”

Frank Coker, CEO, CoreConnex, Inc.


“I wish my entire company could have heard your presentation. Thank You!”

Lori Berry, Director, Strategic Technology, Great America Leasing Corp


“The best social media presentation I have ever seen!”

Steve Alexander, Third Eye Technologies


“Your Social Media presentation was probably the best one I have seen. I can’t remember seeing one which has had such a powerful effect.”

Tony Price, Commercial Director, Chiltern IT


“I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your presentation. The context and associated slides were captivating and the anecdotes you offered were entertaining. You are an excellent speaker.”

Meg Frantz, CompuCom


“I would recommend Matthew as a guest or key note speaker based on his vision and compelling story telling.”

Ron Noll, GE Healthcare


“A fantastic job stitching together trends, significant news and stories of our day into a compelling case for how technology impacts learning and assessment. Matthew works as a thought-leader influencing other leaders.”

Peter Pascale, Pearson


“We were absolutely inspired by your presentation! I want to share the same experience with my technology leaders across our software development organisation.”

Farzana Ashraf, Director, Software Development, Pearson


“What a way to start our first morning after a long weekend! Your speech was very informative and motivating to do more. I learnt so much from the 45 minutes you talked to us. I love listening to TED talks, and it felt like one of them except live.”

Priya Senthilkumar, Pearson


“Thanks for the very interesting talk at the conference and surely one of the highlights.”

Michael Kayser, Managing Director, digital spirit GmbH


“Huge thanks to @mattpoy for his incredible insights and empowering contribution to @LearningSummit.”

QA Training


“@mattpoy is delivering a gobsmacking presentation about the advance of technology and social media in business.”



“@mattpoy gave an amazing presentation which brought the importance of technology today and in the future to life.”

@Training2aT, Transport for London


“Great presentation from @mattpoy at the @CRN_UK business dinner.”

Andy Dow, Computer 2000


“Thank you for your inspiring and enlightening presentation at our conference this week. Without exception, the feedback from our delegates has been nothing but outstanding.”

Ian Allan, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK


“Best presentation I have heard in a while.”

Lesley Price, Learning & Performance Institute


“Great presentation – could have watched another 92 slides!”

@CWWProductTrg, Cable & Wireless


“Excellent presentation on technology, innovation and ideas.”

Denise Hudson Lawson, The Houses of Parliament


“Your presentation was one of the most inspiring and interesting that I’ve attended in a long time. Some of the things you brought up immediately started me to think about how I can make use of them in my business.”

Roel Ottink, Director Product Line Mobility, Ascom Wireless Solutions



Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director, Mirus IT


“Terrific presentation.”

Jon Harvey, on Harvey Associates


“@mattpoy was a great warm up act for Skills Minister Matthew Hancock MP.”

Ben Lambert at the Apprenticeships 4 England Conference


“Brilliant presentation from @mattpoy – ‘Learnability’ is a great word!”

Marco Faccini at Apprenticeships 4 England Conference


“Great presentation, very thought provoking.”

Matt Tudor at the Apprenticeships 4 England Conference


“Excellent! Highlights at the apprenticeships conference? Most definitely Skills Minister Matthew Hancock MP and @mattpoy”

Clare Vertigen, Director South West Apprenticeship Company


“Fantastic and inspiring presentation.”

Lindsay McCurdy, Apprenticeships 4 England


“@mattpoy was brilliant! Some great ideas at Make it Happen 2013”

Phil Jones, Entrepreneur


“Just listened to @mattpoy at Make it Happen 2013 – fantastic.”

Rob Cameron, Coach/Mentor, Ignition Coaching


“Inspiring and fabulous stuff!”

Julia Skan at the Make it Happen 2013 Event


“Fabulous, fun and fascinating. Matthew shared his fabulous ideas and thoughts about the future of learning, with almost 500 people at our First4Skills national conference. He was stimulating, fun, energetic and thought provoking. His engagement with an audience is outstanding and should be a key part of any teacher training programme.”

Di McEvoy-Robinson, Director, First4Skills



“One of the highlights of the day, extremely inspirational.”

Andrew Johnson, HR Director, First4Skills