Email and the family fabric

I am sitting in my office at home beavering away, and my wife is downstairs emailing me. Is the art of conversation disappearing? Dining room furniture sales are on the decline and technology has been blamed from some quarters, because we no longer eat together as families – everyone hunched over their laptops or mobile devices. Still, I can’t live without it, and I was amazed to see the first ever Apple fetch £130,000 at auction. I do love everything about Apple, plus bedtime reading has for now been replaced by good progess on Angry Birds!

TV debate

Twitter is adding a new dimension to television. Watching TV whilst tweeting is like listening to live commentary. It also turns a solitary pastime like watching TV into a communcal one, and you get to have your say. It is time Twitter was incorporated into plasma TVs for same-screen action and TV audiences for political debates include the Twitter brigade.

The future and convenience

How we consume is changing very quickly. In our non-stop world, with barely time to think, let alone face-to-face interaction, there is an opportunity. Digital content is expected for free in the modern internet era, and yet there is a lot of cash in the consumer pocket up for grabs – how, by enhancing our personal convenience. Save us time, make difficult choices easy, give us what we want, when and where we want it, and fast – make our lives easy and you could reap some real rewards.

Small but mighty

Spent a few days in Tokyo last week, in a hotel overlooking the Tokyo Dome, home of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. Aside from shocking jetlag, I discovered the next generation of pocket-sized computers, the mini netbook. These are pocket-sized, have a 5-inch screen, 10-hour battery and boot-up time of 3-seconds (sounds very close to a mobile phone). The Fujitsu U series of their Loox notebook is one such example. These should help address the first fall in sales in 20 months of the first round of netbooks, often seen in Starbucks coffee shops.

Taking your tablet

I was early in saying that Netbooks would be a Christmas bestseller in 2008, and I make another bold statement in saying that the tablet (sample idea above) will be all the rage, especially if Apple announce one at the end of this month. A single device that does everything you could possible want online, and where you pay for access to music, movies and memory space in the cloud, is where we are heading. PDAs outsold laptops last year, and this one-device-for-all technology will be the next big thing, or at least one of them. 3D-TV for my home, not convinced, don’t like the glasses.

Quality of printing

Read a great story in Wired UK about a guy who printed nearly US$7,000,000 in fake currency using home printers from his local computer store. Just goes to show how good the technology is in these machines. I wonder how many print cartridges he used. Don’t go getting ideas in your new year’s resolution list…