4×4 Video

Just returned from a very productive 4 days in Chicago, including a two-day strategic session focused on who we are serving (more on that next week), but what caught my eye were the new screens and their stunning picture quality. We have a 65-inch Sharp screen in the office at CompTIA which is most impressive, and I also read that NEC unveiled their largest ever LCD at 82-inches, which can be tiled together for a 4×4 video. Is this the Range Rover of TVs?
Do we like the idea of TVs this large? Can our small houses in the UK accommodate screens this size? We know that Sony have launched a foldable display screen less than a millimetre in depth. This type of technology will be embedded into our clothing and even into wallpaper as invisible screens, so it is a battle of the giants – like cars I guess, the Range Rover is for some, whilst the G-Wiz suits others. What suits you?

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