Dubai development and technology

Just returned from Dubai, where I presented at the HelpDesk Institute’s annual conference on developments in technology underpinned by skilled people.
The adoption of technology in the Middle East equals the 24/7 construction of quite stunning new tower blocks and residences. The Burj Tower now stands at over 600 metres high, and they are not finished! The local population welcomes change and new technology with open arms, witnessed by the incredible adoption of mobile technology at an average of 1.7 phones for every person in the UAE. The speed at which change is taking place is impressive, and they say they are yet to reach 50% of their development plans – personally, I really enjoy Dubai.


  1. iangsays:

    I think it’s a really strong/bold decision that the rulers of Dubai took. They are aware that the wealth through oil won’t last for too long, and to position themselves as the most opulent and luxurious resort in the world is fantastic for the consumer. (As long as they can afford it).

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