Learning: it’s personal

There is increasing value in customisation across all aspects of life. Yianni, of Yiannimise fame, has earned his reputation for the meticulous work he does customising cars, so why not learning? Why not tailor the single most important thing that will help all people for their entire careers and beyond?

An interview between Salesforce and Pearson this week highlighted that large numbers of today’s workforce not learning or being trained for tomorrow’s jobs, and that people are thinking about further study. Should that not always be the case – the concept of learn-apply, learn-apply?

We need technologies and programmes that encourage each of us to re-skill for the next role or project: modular in size and scope for us to build learning and a set of credentials based on our unique role and aspirations, essentially unbundling a curriculum into a stack that suits one individual. Not only does this fit in with lifelong learning, but it counters the shrinking shelf-life of skills, better connects learning with the workplace and is valued by employers and their HR departments by addressing the specific skills that companies are looking for.

All this and we have yet to truly come up against the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution: AI, machine learning, robotics and automation, where as Naval Ravikant so eloquently states, if you can be trained to do a job, so can a robot!

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