Two-Cent Candy

With technology so powerful, how can we use it to create what Tom Peters calls the “Two-Cent Candy Phenomenon?” Small differentiators, such as a store with a box of two-cent candies at the checkout, or a jar of sweets at the immigration desks at Singapore airport. Small touches that are so memorable. So many ways to add a touch of ‘wow’, how can technology help us by adding ‘small gestures’ to our business?

India agrees, employee satisfaction first

With a population of 1.1 billion people, it is reassuring to hear Vineet Nayar, CEO of leading IT services company HCL, place such importance on putting employee satisfaction first. He said, “If an employer doesn’t get it, then individuals will simply go and work for someone else.” I say, the holders of the intellectual assets will wield the most power, yes, those with the skills.

Our new currency, our ‘stock market’, is made up of human resources. If we don’t have the skills on board, the technology will not work by itself!

Babies & Beer

Research was carried out by a leading supermarket to establish connections between products. It was discovered that beer is often purchased at the same time as baby products, in the early evening. This tells me that guys are sent out to buy necessities for a newborn baby and pick up a six-pack preparing for the long night ahead. What it really tells me is that we must use technology to slice and dice the customer database and data at our disposal in ways that are not obvious, to find new connections and alternative collabrations.