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A short story from a brilliant client of mine and Oxford Professor whose vision transformed one of the leading UK institutes. We spent lots of time talking and whether in London or New York his stories and insight were rich with poignancy and relevancy. Always memorable, you could make decisions and hang your hat on them.

He once shared a story where having graduated and read all the books about combining technical skills (in his case core accounting and financial) with business and leadership skills, he was equipped for the world of work. Within days he realised he wasn’t ready, and fortunately for him he could turn to his university professor to help him understand and complete the work he was assigned, visiting him often to ask how to tackle individual tasks.

How often have we heard versions of this tale – super smart young people qualified but not employment-ready? To get more people into jobs with the skills employers are looking for, we need to link needs with outcomes, ensuring HR departments work with academia to define the skills their companies are seeking.

Thank you Noel, best wishes for the next chapter.

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