The New Classroom

Some say kids can’t focus. Of course they can focus, just not in the way that we try to interact with them. Have you seen how they concentrate when they play Fortnite or FIFA?

The future of education is where learning systems are irresistibly engaging for student and teacher alike, they are easy to use and steeped in real life problem solving. I am not surprised students switch off, especially when taking into account social media’s effect of focusing on short-term memory and ever decreasing attention spans.

The traditional model of learning was invented when your education would get you your first and last job but in the dynamic society we operate in today – and certainly tomorrow – people will needs lots of careers, because whatever is learned expires very quickly.

Introducing the internet as the new classroom. We have to take learning to the students, to engage them where they are driving the change. School will escape the classroom: the Internet has no walls and it could be that students attend classes online in other towns or possibly other countries. But the most exciting opportunity is that students will become producers. No longer do they need to sit and yawn at lectures, where they could sit for hours on end without speaking – the new classroom will mean students will learn by creating and building things. With a smartphone in their pocket and a HD camera connected to the world, they can tell their story and be as creative as their imagination allows.

Image courtesy of ‘A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000.’

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