No Time for Anything

We have the broadest set of tools at our disposal, electronic calendars and schedules and hybrid working to support the new ways of working, and yet the day is always full of things that simply have to be done.

In supporting one of the best teams in our industry, always on the go, constantly working on the next, I remembered a quote from the British Cycling Team coach – he said at the time that he had never “come across anyone in the top 2% in the world at elite sport who operates in the comfort zone.” It is very true. Watch the Last Dance on Netflix and you will almost become uncomfortable at how driven Michael Jordan was, but then consider the success.

Marginal gains were the talking point for a while and at one Grand Prix the difference between 1st and 10th place was seven-tenths of a second. No room for error. Who speeded it up and why have we accepted that it is the right way forward? Back to business, I still prefer meeting people face to face, building trust, nurturing relationships. The gentlemen in this photo didn’t suddenly become good friends after one introduction and an exchange on social platforms. They have known each other for over 50 years and built their connection through many lightweight interactions over time. It is slower but longer lasting.

Pause and make real time for thinking and for people. It’s better than a video call.

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